Staged Homes of Indy Enhancing Homes. Maximizing Equity.
Staged Homes of Indy specializes in Home Staging for real estate sale and design for everyday living in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Allow our Staging Consultants to transform your home to sell quickly and for the greatest possible profit.
Why Stage®? Professional Staging is a smart investment that completes the marketing of your home. 
Buyers consider so many factors when choosing to purchase a home. De-cluttering, cleaning, and a fresh coat of paint make a huge difference, but it's the intangible, emotional side of buying that sellers often forget. You need to sell a buyer on the lifestyle, so they can imagine themselves living there... Make them walk in and say "WOW!"... Essentially, make them fall in love with your home. Professionally staging your home provides that lasting first impression. If the basic features of the home suit the buyers' needs and it "feel right", an offer should follow.
Staged Homes of Indy always addresses the look and "feel" by highlighting the practical, best features of your home AND helping to create that emotional connection. 
  • Staging neutralizes your home so that it aesthetically appeals to the broadest market of buyers, thereby increasing your chances of receiving an offer.
  • Prospective buyers usually know within 90 seconds whether they would like to make an offer on your home.
  • Using our distinctive design services ensures the best first impression, so you're well on your way to selling quickly - with less stress and no hassle.
  • Professional staging also improves your home's online presentation - crucial these days when more than 85% of buyers view your listing online before requesting a showing.
  • An investment in staging can actually pay for itself since your home spends less time on the market. In fact, the cost of staging your home is generally less than your first price reduction.       

Staged Homes of Indy Enhancing Homes. Maximizing Equity.
   5841 Thunderbird Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46236

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